Future Study 2022
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Topic 1

What do you think about the future?

How do you assess the current situation for your company? *
How do you compare the situation with 2019 ? *
In the last few years, the market … *
How far in advance are you thinking specifically about challenges at the moment? *
Has your decision horizon changed in the last 3 years? *
What influence did Covid-19 have on your decision horizon? *
How do you assess the future of your company until 2032? *
What is your gut feeling for the next decade for the economy as a whole? *
Which disruptions are relevant for your company? (Multiple selections possible) *
Choose one or more elements
Has your business model changed? *
Is there a clear understanding of your company’s raison d’être in 2035? *
Do you know the vision of your company? *
Does your company vision help you make decisions on a day-to-day basis? *
Do you feel motivated and empowered by your corporate vision? *
How involved were your customers, suppliers and partners in the development of your corporate vision? *
Is your company currently doing anything to strengthen the trust of employees and customers in the future? *
Do your customers think the current corporate vision is believable? *
Do your employees think the current corporate vision is believable? *
Who or what is most likely to drive developments and innovations within your company? *