Future Study 2021
  • Future
  • Singularity
  • Trust
  • General

Topic 1

What you think about the future


How would you assess your company’s current situation? *
How far ahead are you currently thinking about challenges? *
Has your decision-making horizon changed since the start of the Covid19 pandemic? *
What do you think the future of your company will look like by 2030? *
What is your general gut feeling about the next decade for the economy as a whole? *
Which disruptions are relevant for your company? *
Is your business model currently changing? *
Do you know your company’s vision of the future? *
Has your company done anything in the short term to strengthen its vision of the future? *
Do your customers believe that your company’s vision of the future is credible? *
Do employees of your company believe that their company’s vision of the future is credible? *
Where do new ideas come from in your company? *